Smelly Dog? Freshen Up With These 5 Simple Tips

Dogs smell.  It’s natural, we get it, and most of us accept it.  They emit natural odors from their fur and paws that give them what most people know as the “dog smell”.  Add that in with smells accumulated from daily walks and you can have quite the stinky pup.  Here are a few tricks to keep your dogs smelling pleasant, even days before bath time.

  1.     Clean your dog’s paws after every walk

We’ve all been told that dog’s don’t sweat, but what we don’t tend to hear about often is that while dog’s don’t have to worry about applying deodorant on a daily basis, they do have sweat glands which are primarily located on their paws.  On top of sweaty paws, we have puppies who may not have the best aim.  So by the end of a walk your dog will have accumulated sweat, urine, grass and mud which all adds up to a very odd smell.  The easiest way to keep your dog’s paws clean is to leave out a little bucket of water and a rag before each walk and just wipe them clean afterwards.  Not only will it eliminate the smell, but you won’t be trekking mud into your home.  


  1.      Wipe them Down With Baby wipes

I don’t know about you, but I feel like baby wipes have been replacing all napkin products for me lately.  Baby wipes are a fairly inexpensive way to just keep your dog smelling fresh between baths.  It’s also good for catching any excess fur that would normally end up on your furniture and clothes.  Just try to avoid their eyes and mouth, as it may cause some slight stinging and if you don’t like the taste, your dog won’t either.  It also works to wipe down their paws after a walk!


  1.     Wash your dog’s bedding

Like with humans, dog beds can accumulate bacteria that after a while will start to smell… bad.  The easiest solution here is to just add your dog’s bedding to the wash on laundry day.  This way, the bed stays clean and your dog might come out smelling like fresh linens.


  1.     Brush their teeth

It’s recommended for people to brush their teeth at least twice a day, but if you want to be really particular you should brush after every walk, yet so many dogs go without having their teeth brushed until the vet has to remove some due to plaque build up.  Instead of paying hundreds for intense professional cleanings, ask your vet for recommendations on a toothpaste/toothbrush for your dog.  This is an easy way to both avoid bad breath and increased cost of animal care.  If you have any questions for the different products you can use or on how to go about brushing your dog’s teeth, you can shoot me a question here.


  1.     Brush your dog daily

Fur is the dog’s birthplace of all things that can smell bad.  A quick brush after morning walks can rid your dog of dust and buildup that happens throughout the day, and this will minimize the need for extra care between baths.


It’s not recommended to give your dogs baths more than once a month, just as to prevent drying out their skin and causing other problems.  For some dogs, it feels like there’s no escape from the smell.  Hopefully by following one or more of these tips, you’ll be able to give yourself peace of smell between bath time.  

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