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My dog ate chocolate, what do I do?

“Can he have grapes” -No

“What about avocados”- No

“Can he have some cheese”- I mean sure, but he’ll be gassy don’t give him a lot

At my house, dinner time usually means the dogs getting snuck food under the table.  Personally, I don’t like people other than me feeding my dogs human food, and not because my dogs aren’t allowed food off the table (they’re not but sometimes they can be so darn cute) but because I am always wary of what someone might give them.  In my house, a lot of our foods contain garlic, avocados, onions, and dairy products.  That means if someone isn’t well versed in what a dog can and can not eat, chances are they’re going to feed my dogs something that they should not be having.  But what should you do if your dog gets into the chocolate cabinet?

Riley asking for food

First things first, don’t panic.  While it tends to be our first reaction, raising panic is usually the most counterproductive thing we can do.  If you suspect that your dog ate something he shouldn’t have,  take note of how much of it they ate.  If your dog had a piece of chocolate, how big was that piece? What kind of chocolate was it?  These are important things to note as it would affect how your dog reacts to the food.

The next thing to do would be to either contact your veterinarian, or you can call an animal poison control center.  The number for the ASPCA animal poison control center is (888) 426-4435.  Most of the time, your pet’s consumption of toxic foods are harmless.  Depending on the amount eaten, your veterinarian or a specialist with animal poison control may recommend that you monitor your dog for any strange behaviors or symptoms. In small amounts most of the foods that your dogs shouldn’t eat won’t do any more than just cause your dog to have some extra gas.  With more toxic foods like chocolate, your dog can experience some vomiting or diarrhea.  Other dogs may become lethargic or get a fever because their body is trying to rid the toxin.  In some cases, if the food was ingested less than an hour ago, the vet may recommend you bring your dog in and induce vomiting, use activated charcoal to remove the toxin, or in some more extreme cases provide supplemental treatments.

I’m going to reiterate, as with anything that happens with your pets, the best thing to do is not panic.  When you consider your dog part of your family, anything off tends to upset us and it’s understandable, but it doesn’t necessarily help.  Your pet will be fine if you are able to administer the best care possible, and sometimes the best care is no care at all.  So if your dog accidentally ate the crumbs of some garlic bread off the floor, just watch them for a bit and you’ll quickly see there was no reason to worry at all.  

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